Service and Maintenance Services

 Every electrically operated devices need maintenance for be safe and be more long lasting. Also periodic and routine maintenances extend the life of your products and work more safe your facility.

It’s should not be forget, all products that works in high cost facilities have operational life. GASGRUP ENERGY ready to meet your services and maintenance with professional approach and expert staff.


1.Generally Provided Service and Maintenance Services;

·  Medium Voltage Systems Periodic Maintenance

·  Low Voltage Systems Periodic Maintenance

·  Transformer Winding Resistance Measurements and Oil Level Maintenance

·  Generator Periodic Maintenance

·  AG Compensation Measurement and Maintenance

·  Grounding Resistance Measurement

·  Leakage Testing

·  Harmonic Distortion and Energy Quality Measurement

·  Cathodic Measurement

·  Low Current Systems Periodic Maintenance

·  Lighting Systems Periodic Maintenance

·  Ground and Lightning Rod Periodic Maintenance


2.Station Periodic Check and Service

Periodic Check

Periodical Check is a detailed control to the electrical and mechanical installation of LPG Station and the LPG Automation Systems. EPDK get periodic check obligatory to LPG Station at least once in a year.  LPG distribution companies create a supervision list for the periodic checks and we do periodic check to the list. Also, we check adapt to TSE 11969 Safety Rules. Gasgrup offers service to LPG distribution companies.



Gasgrup solves the problem with safe to by keeping the station operability and keeping the sales interruption at the lowest level case of malfunctions occurring in the stations.


Hydrostatics test

LPG Tank or LPG mechanical installation is leak test with pressure wather. If this operation is perform in the LPG Tank, The connection of the tank with the installation is cut off and it is leak test with pressure wather of the tank.


Gas Free Operasion


Gas free operation is an evacuation of the LPG Tank or the tank top installation. The operation is intensively carried out with nitrogen gas and compressor. Nitrogen gas is intensively used in the LPG systems because it does not react with explosive and flammable gases and is not oxidized. Nitrogen mainly used for gas free operation for part or all of the tank top installation. Compressors are generally used for gas free operation of LPG tank. As Gasgrup we offer Gas Free service.