Remote Management Services

It is a WEB based system in which all kinds of data to LPG automation systems are taking and evaluating.


Remote Management System stages


GG.Net Central Software

Alarms, falults and warnings that occurred in the LPG system are recorded with the central software.  With the event record in the past of LPG system  by performing a failure analysis normal operation to LPG systems can fixing faster. Thanks to experienced Call Center Staff and GG.Net Central Software, service costs of LPG distribution companies reduced significantly  with distant interventions to stations.


Customer Services

The source of the fault is detected with Information provided by sellers and orientation of call center staff. If there is no fault that can be solved remotely, Authorized technical staff will be directed to the station. Until station intervention of technical team. The Call Center must make to LPG seller take care of the necessary security precautions  and control until the fault team intervened on the station. Call Center inform warranty conditions or repeat of related faults to lgs seller.


Service management system

Service magnagement system is comprehensive data repository of information like the automation system and mechanical installation information of the LPG seller, etailed information of the services performed at the LPG seller, istorical fault records and defective transactions.


Mobil Services

It is a study for more active use of service management system with mobile phones. Easily downloaded application to mobile phone, The service management system can be started easily from the control panel by turning a new user.


Progress Payment Systems


 It is where the billing steps are managed at the end of service. It occurs in the following processes. The service it is servicing, the materials it uses, the mileage for the service, and so on, the information enters the system and the quantity is automatically determined by these informations.