Project and Engineering Services

Gasgrup Energy with their an experienced, expert, professional project staff in the field professional programs offers economically feasible services in accordance with international technical standards, regulations and specifications, nationally and on request,  drafting of project drawings, specification and tender documents, consultancy services to facilities such as Shopping Center, Hotel, Hospital, Housing, Industrial Facility, Paper Factory, Cement Plant, Aluminum Factory, Airport, Transportation, Rolling Mill & Steelworks, Treatment Plant, Chemical Plant etc.
Generally Provided Porject and Enginering Services;
·  Energy Production and Distribution Systems
·  Medium Voltage Systems
·  Low Voltage 0.4 KV Systems
·  General And Special Lighting Systems
·  Ground and Lightning Protection Systems
·  Transformer Pavilions Energy Distribution Centers, Worksite Booths and Special Products
·  Cable Conveying Systems
·  Lighting and Automation Systems
·  Energy Monitoring and Control Systems
·  Low Current Systems (Telephone, Data, Fire Alarm, Voice, CCTV, SMATV, Electric Clock, Turnstile, Parking Control and Barriers)
·  Professional Sound, Light and Video Systems
·  Ministry and Electricity Authority Approval Projects with Acceptance Procedures
·  Preparation of Special Technical Specification and Tender Dossier
·  Consultancy services