Measurement and Reporting Services

 Every electrical systems cross to some deformation or voluntary revisions in time. So, You will often meet with like questions below.


Are your facility’s really safe ?

Is there element subject put human life in danger or fire in facility?

Do your leakage current systems working?

Is there warming in cables and devices ?

Is your facility’s appropriate to electricity legislation?

Does grounding and lightning protection system that protects your devices and facility working properly?

This and like this all of your questions are answered by GASGRUP ENERGY offer raports with professional measurements devices and expert engineer staff.



Generally Provided Measurement and Reporting Services;

·  Cathodic Measurement Report

·   Loop Impedance And Grounding Measurement Report

·  Leakage Current Test

·  Continuity Test Measurement Report

·  Insulation Test Measurement Report

·  Thermal Camera Measurement Report

·  Lighting Light intensity Measurement Report

·  Lightning Protection İnstallation İnspection Report

·  Power Quality and Harmonics Measurement Report

·  Electric Installation İnspection Report

·  Compressor İnspection Report

·  Hydroform İnspection Report

·  Vacuum Oil Drawing Device İnspection Report

·  Lift İnspection Report


Measuring Services Provided to LPG & Fuel Stations;

LPG Dispenser Calibration

LPG dispenser calibration is performed measurement to customer complaint, periodical check or request of LPG Station Dealer. Fuel meter  of LPG dispenser and the calibration meter is compared in the calibration. If there isn’t a difference or there is below the standart accepted value, we can not calibrate to LPG Dispenser. Calibration is obligatory in the other condition.

Ground and Cathodic Report

By TSE authorizeds are checked adapt to measurement value of ground and cathodic least once in a year. İf  measurement value of ground and cathodic isn’t in the desired limit values, it is added copper and anode in the system and measurement value of ground and cathodic is drew in the desired limit values. By Gasgrup offers service of ground and cathodic report and by Authorized Electric Engineers confirm the reports.


Gas Detector Calibration


Detectors are regularly checked by TSE authorities. Detectors must be calibrated at regular intervals. As Gasgrup we provide detector calibration service.