Facility Modernization Services

We make your current employee or discarded facilities are more economical and safe, technologically, can be controlled, , long-lasting.

As Gasgrup Energy renew electrical and automation of all kinds facility infrastructure.

Generally Provided Facility Modernization Services;

·  Renewal of Medium Voltage Panels

·  Renewal of Transformers

·  Renewal of Generator

·  Renewal of UPS Systems

·  Renewal of Low Voltage Panels

·  Renewal of Automation and Scada Systems

·  Renewal of Low Current and Fire Alarm System

·  Renewal of CCTV Camera System

·  Renewal of Cable and Cable Carrier

·  Renewal of Ground and Lightning Rod Facilities

·  Drawing  of Increase Capacity Project and Be Approved By The Related institution

·  Calculation of İncrease Capacity


·  Gaining Technological Infrastructure in Facility