Electricity Contracting Services

Pay attention to work and worker health, work and worker safety and keep customer satisfaction on the foreground by Gasgrup Energy offers turnkey electricity contracting services with experienced, expert, professional engineer and technical staff in the field. 
Gasgrup has been walking with sure steps by signing success even in the most demanding conditions and in critical installations
·  Project Coordinator planning material and workforce appropriate to the industrial  building program in electrical contracting services.
·  Project Coordinator creat the workflow, make product selection and delivery to the purchasing department.
·  Purchasing department begin the material procurement processes in the direction of requested and planning.
·  Purchases of materials and services are procured in accordance with the planned dates and provided to the worksite.
The Site Chef is determine by Project Coordinator.
And all staff to work in the field will be created, the project opening meeting is helding with all the personnel who will work on the field afterwards.
·  In the meeting, the specifications are re-examined and necessary take off notes.
·  Projects are re-glance.
·  Project Coordinator deliver planning data and workflow to the site chef
·  In the meeting, ımportant notes received during the proposal phase are shared.
·  The staff keep the meeting report.
·  Professional programs, projecting and design work are done by our project team.
·  We minimize the uncertainties in the worksite by minimizing the possibility of making mistakes and the lost times.
·  The project works are approved to the project coordinator and delivered to the site chef.
·  Changes in the worksite are followed by the site chef and the project department, and as-built projects are prepared at the end of the work.
·  Before starting work, Occupational Health And Safety  Enginner provide training to all staff and our company give the necessary OHS equipments to all staff.
·  Occupational physician checks the health of the personnel taking into account the working conditions and seasonal conditions of the region.
The Project carried out in accordance to the national and international standards, work programs and occupational health and safety rules.                   
The main standards applied during the project are as follows;
· TS-3166 High current electrical installation standard
· TS-1196 Electrical Installation Project Principles
· TS-3204 Electrical installation in buildings - basic principles
· TS-3784 Electrical safety regulations in buildings - protection against electric shock
· ISO-9001 Quality Management System
· ISO-14001 Environmental Management System
· OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety
From the beginning to the end, all necessary checks periodically by the quality control department are done with the help of professional team and devices.
At the end of the work, all hot and cold tests are done by the testing and commissioning team, the measurements are done with professional devices and if any problems are solved the problems are solved.
1.Measuring measurement and report
2.Low flow tests and report
3.Thermal camera measurements and report
4.Sollection tests and report
5. Continuity tests and report
6.Loop impedance measurements and report
7.Lamping light intensity tests and report
8.Electrical Installation Compliance Report
· Design and Application of Energy Transmission Lines
· Transformer Center, Special Transformer Pavilion and External Distribution Panel Installation
· low Voltage Panel and Distribution Systems
· Lighting Fixture Installation and Cabling
· Lighting Automation Systems Installation and Cabling
· Cable Support System Installation
· Ground and Lightning Rod Plumbing Installation
· Telephone Central, Distribution Systems Mounting and Cabling
· Data Cabinet Distribution Systems Mounting and Cabling
· Fire Alarm, Central, Detection and Alarm Device Mounting and Cabling
· Audio Center Distribution Systems Installation and Cabling
· CCTV Central Distribution System Installation and Cabling
· SMATV Central Distribution Systems Installation and Cabling
· Electrical Counter Center Distribution Systems Installation and Cabling
· Turnstile Central Distribution System Installation and Cabling
· Parking Control, Barrier Central Distribution System Installation and Cabling
· Professional Sound, Light and Video Systems Installation and Cabling
· Low and Medium Voltage, Weak Current Systems Testing and Commissioning Works