Flexible Undergraund LPG Pipe

LPG-Flex has started a new era in pipe systems by bringing together the "chemical resistance" of plastic pipes with "high pressure resistance" of flexible pipes steel pipes. The necessity of using steel pipes in pipelines which require high pressure resistance is endured with RTP pipes. Designed specifically for use in LPG installations, the LPG-Flex tubing is produced in DN20, DN25 and DN32 diameters. Flexible plastic pipes, resistance to chemical effects, unrivaled superiority in corrosion resistance and easy application advantages LPG-Flex pipes in conjunction with and design technology are also the best solutions for special projects.

General specifications
No risk of corrosion
35 bar pressure resistance
Reinforced flexible pipe
One-time installation
Less pressure loss than steel
Fast installation time and low cost
Safe and low cost piping
Constitutive Properties
Working temperature: -40 ° C to + 65 ° C
Pipe braid design strength: 2.2 times the maximum operating pressure
Pipe braid design strength and
Maximum operating pressure: 35 bar - 500 psi
Maximum test pressure: 52 bar - 760 psi
Min. Installation temperature: 0 ° C
Crushing Resistant: 25 to 30 kg / cm2 / 284psi to 427psi
Tensile force: 5000 kg - 11,000 lbs
Standard pipe diameters: DN20, DN25 and DN32 (on request large diameters)
Disposable rollers with standard length of 200m (659ft) or 400m (1318ft).
It is only used in embedded applications. Direct conduits can be laid or used by passing through a second conduit.