Our Policy

 As Gasgrup, we have goals with our integrated management system that we have prepared in line with our strategic; increase the satisfaction of our customers with of fulfill  of legal obligations and customer expectations , work in a healthy and safe manner.
In accordance with these purposes;
  • In the workplace, perform the risk assessment to annihilation or reducing of work accidents and occupational diseases risk
  • To reduce waste for a sustainable environment,  increase the recycling rate, reduce the use of natural resources 
  • Increase awareness of our employees
  • Evaluating, monitoring, taking actions when necessary, monitoring of the risk factors that can affect reaching our goal, evaluating and when necessary taking action and by increasing HSE performance;
  • We are committed to implementing and constantly improving to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with the participation of all our employees.
We give priority of occupational health and safety, ‘’The accident is avoided by taking precautions, not with wishes’’ slogan adopted by our employees and supported by our top management. The safety of our work and our working environment are as important as the quality, cost and time of our works for us and our customers.
Our services do not affect all parties in the life cycle and support environmentally friendly world-wide across employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers.