Human Resources

Gasgrup believes that the success that it has, that it reaches with the strength and support of its employees and that the most important value is the human resource and it used efficiently of human resource. 

Basic principles of our human resources policy;
- To be innovative, dynamic, open to change, having the potential to improve itself and business, to be team-oriented, can have responsibility, to bring individuals who will adopt and protect corporate values,
- Continuously improving our employees, contributing to the company's goals such as productivity, profitability,
- Maximize the productivity of our employees with career planning,
- To follow a participatory management policy that incorporates different perspectives and know-how
- Strengthening the company's culture and business philosophy
- To have loyal and happy employees who are able to participate, develop and open to change, not compromising HSE and quality.
You can send your resume to [email protected] to be able to apply for a job.